Rural Counties Hardest Hit by Hunger

By | April 29, 2011


Nationally, the top 10 percent of worst food prices and food insecurity were¬†44 mostly rural, mostly African-American counties. This is consistent with what we see in North Carolina. We spend time in local shops, and it’s clear the diversity and quality of food is much lower in rural areas. I was surprised that there was such a lack of fresh produce.

Access to resources like food and shelter are essential to survive. In our modern society, access to education and justice are essential to succeed, even in the most modest definitions. Roads to Justice is working directly with rural populations to find out from the women themselves what they think they need to improve their chances of thriving.

At R2J, we don’t directly work to feed people. It is our hope that while we help women assert their legal rights, they also find their voice to assert their other needs.