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For the Want of a Nail

“For want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the rider was lost…” is an old proverb that still rings true. You can likely think of several examples of this butterfly effect from your own life. If you are living […]

Legal Rights AND Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities are opposite sides of the same coin. Our system of law afford us certain rights, such as the right to vote. Right along with it though, we have the responsibility to not only exercise that right but to stay informed of the issues and make our decisions accordingly. It’s one of the […]

How Is Your Legal Health?

Are you legally healthy? Having peace of mind that if something goes wrong you’re prepared is crucial to the well being of your family. At Roads to Justice we work with women to make sure they have the tools they need to care for themselves and their families. We often start with a “baseline” diagnosis. […]

The Importance of Education in Advocacy

Decisions will be made that affect your life, whether you’re the one that makes them is up to you. In the legal world, you may forfeit rights you didn’t even know you had or you may make poor decisions based on faulty information. Knowledge is critical. Roads to Justice North Carolina provides education to women […]

Welcome Sarah Jessica Farber, our newest board member

Roads to Justice is excited to announce the addition of our newest board member! Sarah Jessica Farber is a solo practitioner in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a statewide criminal defense practice in criminal trials, appeals, and post-conviction litigation in our state and federal courts.  She is a life-long lover of the printed word, and majored in English […]

The Women’s Center

Today I had a fantastic meeting with the Director of Career and Legal Programs, Beth Vasquez at the Women’s Center in Chapel Hill. We talked about potential areas for collaboration, as our goals are very similar, though our approach and focus differ. One of the many things they offer is Legal Information Service, which is a […]

September 1 Legal Clinic at Citizens Against Domestic Violence

  R2JNC is excited to announce our first legal clinic for women in Warren County on September 1, 2011. Jennifer Wyatt, a licensed attorney in North Carolina and our executive director, as well as other attorney volunteers will be there to provide free legal, limited legal advice and legal information.* We are partnering with Citizens […]

Poverty ain’t just being broke…

Poverty, especially inter-generational poverty, has an unmistakable but often unspoken impact on the dignity of an individual. People who learned from birth that there was no room at the table for them as children have to re-teach themselves that they are in fact equal in humanity to everyone else on the planet. There are stories […]

Poverty & Legal Issues

Legal problems don’t exist in a vacuum. Even in the most expensive lawsuits between multinational corporations over the most obscure minutiae, there is latent context that not everyone sees. There are personalities to deal with, cultural differences, competing concerns, etc. For the women we serve living in poverty, this is very true as well. There […]