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Legal Rights AND Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities are opposite sides of the same coin. Our system of law afford us certain rights, such as the right to vote. Right along with it though, we have the responsibility to not only exercise that right but to stay informed of the issues and make our decisions accordingly. It’s one of the […]

Not Legal Aid

While many legal service professionals immediately understand the difference between our mission and Legal Aid’s, I thought I would take a moment to explain the differences. In some senses our two organizations seem very much alike. Our goals are very similar- that low-income people are able to remove barriers to their future success. We also […]

The Legal Profession & The Great Recession.

Arrogant attorney stereotypes aside, there is a problem with the legal profession. Lawyers are constantly sharing news about the job market for lawyers and it isn’t good. In fact, the Great Depression wasn’t this hard on lawyers. Many lawyers are willing to work for someone else for free just to get experience. I’ve been that […]

Lawyers Who Listen – Empathy and the Law

  Roads to Justice NC’s fundamental goal is to help women to solve problems for themselves. Most people understand that problems are multifaceted, but normally lawyers keep their solutions within a legal framework.  We are able to work from as many different angles as necessary with the benefit of understanding the legal issues. Sometimes legal […]

The Women’s Center

Today I had a fantastic meeting with the Director of Career and Legal Programs, Beth Vasquez at the Women’s Center in Chapel Hill. We talked about potential areas for collaboration, as our goals are very similar, though our approach and focus differ. One of the many things they offer is Legal Information Service, which is a […]

Poverty & Legal Issues

Legal problems don’t exist in a vacuum. Even in the most expensive lawsuits between multinational corporations over the most obscure minutiae, there is latent context that not everyone sees. There are personalities to deal with, cultural differences, competing concerns, etc. For the women we serve living in poverty, this is very true as well. There […]