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Talking about Poverty with Children

Sesame Street is debuting a new muppet, a seven-year old girl named Lily, who is dealing with what is euphemistically called “food security issues”. Currently she is scheduled to appear in only one show.  Sesame Street and other PBS shows seems to be a rare area where people living in poverty as well as the affluent and […]

Poverty and Debt in Rural America

  Few people in North Carolina or the rest of the country have not been touched by the recent economic downturn, but this slump has hit rural areas, including rural North Carolina, particularly hard. Endemic Rural Poverty Most urban and suburban dwellers have in their minds a certain romanticized image of rural America. They think […]

Blame the Poor?

It doesn’t take long to notice the increasingly negative rhetoric against the poor in the last couple of years. Even as people are losing their jobs and homes all around us, some in politics and the media are trying to convince us that no one is actually poor in the United States. Talk of people […]

The Legal Profession & The Great Recession.

Arrogant attorney stereotypes aside, there is a problem with the legal profession. Lawyers are constantly sharing news about the job market for lawyers and it isn’t good. In fact, the Great Depression wasn’t this hard on lawyers. Many lawyers are willing to work for someone else for free just to get experience. I’ve been that […]

The costs and consequences of residential segregation

Recent data shows that racial segregation isn’t just people of different racial and ethnic groups living in different places – it is about how such living patterns create and perpetuate inequality.  Researchers at Brown University found that the average black or Hispanic household earning over $75,000 lives in a poorer neighborhood than the average white […]

Poverty ain’t just being broke…

Poverty, especially inter-generational poverty, has an unmistakable but often unspoken impact on the dignity of an individual. People who learned from birth that there was no room at the table for them as children have to re-teach themselves that they are in fact equal in humanity to everyone else on the planet. There are stories […]

Poverty & Legal Issues

Legal problems don’t exist in a vacuum. Even in the most expensive lawsuits between multinational corporations over the most obscure minutiae, there is latent context that not everyone sees. There are personalities to deal with, cultural differences, competing concerns, etc. For the women we serve living in poverty, this is very true as well. There […]